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Supporting Cast Members Archive 1-3

This page is for the supporting cast of Stories 1-3. For the supporting cast of the current story, see this page.


Garou and Kinfolk

There are many, many Garou and Kinfolk NPCs in this chronicle, but we will here list a few of those that have shown up on scene thus far.


The Sept of the Boiling Earth


John Burning-Mountain

Uktena Ahroun, Athro, Caern Warder and member of the Elders of Mount Tehama. John is in charge of the Caern's defense, and was involved in dealing with each of the Garou PCs upon their arrival in the chronicle. The Dreamspeaker named White Feather was once his mate though the two of them have had a falling out, and the they have a son named Jared who has recently Changed and been brought to the Caern to prepare for his Rite of Passage. Near the end of Story 2, the estranged lovers were reunited.


The Elders of Mount Tehama

The Council of Elders of this sept is, unusually, a pack unto itself rather than consisting of elders from a number of packs or whose packs have died off - Songan mandated that the then-packless elders join with him and withdrew those that already had packs to form this arrangement. This pack claims Tehama (Volcano) as a Totem and consists of: Songan Rides-the-Winds (Uktena Philodox and Chief of the Elders of Mount Tehama), Soaring Condor (Elder Lupus Uktena Theurge and Master of the Rite), Wemilo Sun-Chaser - (Elder Wendigo Philodox and Master of the Challenge), Nina Howls-Down-The-Avalanche Colbert (Elder Uktena Galliard and Gatekeeper), and John Burning-Mountain (already detailed above) who, since he is the only council member that is an Athro rather than an elder himself is technically the pack Omega, but whose rights as Warder keep him on a parity with the others in most issues. Apart from John Burning-Mountain, the Elders did not play a major part in Story 1, but they became increasingly important to the narrative throughout stories 2 and 3, especially Songan Rides-the-Winds and Soaring Condor. The latter in fact became something of a surrogate mother-figure to Amrita during her time with the sept.


Mingan Leaps-Like-Cougar

Uktena Ahroun, Adren, Sept Wyrmfoe and alpha of The Warpath pack. He was the one who assigned the PCs to investigate the Blight on Prospect Peak, and led his pack to support them when they called for aid, ending up leading the Garou in both the Scouring of Prospect Peak and the Battle of Cinder Cone. Mingan was a frequent presence throughout stories 1-3, and there was a subplot through the later portion of story 3 about him and Rowena becoming lovers and then their eventual separation with her departure from the Lassen area.


The Warpath

 Garou pack led by Mingan Leaps-Like-cougar. Their totem is The People. Pack members in order of pack standing: Joseph Chases-the-Dream (Uktena Galliard and pack Beta), Theodora Isthmenos (Black Fury Philodox), Mary Laughs-Like-Coyote (Uktena Ragabash) and Silent Medicine (Uktena Metis Theurge and pack Omega). Though all but one of this pack's members are Uktena, they are what is known as a true pack: they have one member of each of the five auspices. Joseph was Linda and Amrita's tour guide when they traveled through the Bawn and Linda and he eventually became mates: Story 3 saw his transition from recurring cast member into part of the central cast (see his character sheet here). Silent Medicine was the one who healed Steve, but was mortally wounded with silver bullets by the Endron EEPs during Story 2, chapter 1 - his actual death came in chapter 2. Theodora is Alexis' Mentor. This pack maintains a residence in Susanville and shuttles back and forth regularly between there and the Caern; most of the time, one or more pack members are at the Caern to provide communication links between them and the Warder. This pack essentially functioned as the face of the Sept of the Boiling Earth to the player characters throughout most of stories 1-3.


Mapiya Sacred Hoop

Uktena Philodox, Adren, Alpha of the Fire Walkers pack and Truthcatcher of the Sept of the Boiling Earth, daughter of Volcano. Mapiya is a serious and hard woman, though she is also a compassionate judge. Mapiya made many appearances throughout stories 1-3, mostly in dealing with Amrita or Linda in one way or another.


Henry Farsight Gunson

Child of Gaia, Adren, Galliard, member of the Fire Walkers pack and Talesinger of the Sept of the Boiling Earth, son of Volcano. Henry is a cheerful and flamboyant man, and he relishes commanding the sept's attention as he tells a rousing tale. Unlike many Talesingers, he also makes a point of allowing other Galliards to tell stories during moots, though he does make a point of vetting the stories or songs first. One of the reasons for this is his easygoing Child of Gaia upbringing, and another is his respect for the traditions of all of the tribes in this multi-tribal sept. He first appeared in a Story 1, chapter III blue book for Guillermo, then in chapter V he performed a Rite of Accomplishment for Steve and chastized him at the same time. He returned in Story 2, Chapter V as Wil's mentor and then a chapter later where he healed Amrita and a measure of attraction between the two became apparent. Story 3 moved him into a more prominent role. Early Story 3 saw that attraction explode into a sexual tryst between him and the Kami, and that experience and its consequences resonated as a subplot and undercurrent for her and her relationship with Ashton for the rest of Story 3.


Judith Angelou

Metis Crone Black Fury Theurge (Adren), member of the Fire Walkers pack, daughter of Volcano and Keeper of the Land of the Sept of the Boiling Earth. Judith's Metis deformity is grotesque - she is hideously disfigured even in Homid form. On first glance, many Garou would assume that she is an Ahroun because she is tall, powerfully built and muscular (not to mention ugly), but she is in fact a gentle, motherly and tender-hearted Crone who cherishes her duties to look after the Bawn and keep it spiritually harmonious. During the moot at the tail end of story 3, Judith took care of Kijika's Fostern challenge.


Marcus H. Falcon's-Resolve Truman

Silver Fang Ahroun of House Wyrmfoe and the Renewalist faction. Marcus was part of the play group until the end of The Boiling Earth, chapter III, at which point he got into a violent altercation with Steve and withdrew from the ad-hoc pack. His character sheet is here. He has since formed the Wyvern Rampant pack including Zoe, Jared (Burning-mountain's son) and a newly-changed Wendigo named Gina. This pack remains with the Sept of the Boiling Earth.


Zoe Ana Sidorova

Silver Fang Theurge. Zoe was part of the play group at one point (played by Myria), but has not appeared at any session since Story 1, Chapter V, after which she became a drop-in NPC. Her character sheet is here. Zoe and Marcus are now packmates in the Wyvern Rampant pack, and their pack totem is Wyvern.



Child of Gaia Ahroun (Fostern). Wil was part of the group (played by Ryan) from Story 2, chapter V to Story 3, Chapter III. He and his then pack departed on a diplomatic errand to the Cleansing Path sept at that point. His character sheet is here. Member of the Hope Springs Pack.



Black Fury Lupus Philodox (Fostern). Alexis was part of the group (played by Dale) from Story 2, Chapter I to Story 3, Chapter III. She and her pack departed on a diplomatic errand to the Cleansing Path sept at that point. Her character sheet is here. Member of the Hope Springs Pack.


Guillermo "High-and-Tight" Castaneda

Glass Walker Galliard (Fostern). Guillermo was an NPC part of the core group from Story 1, Chapter I to Story 3, Chapter III. He and his pack departed on a diplomatic errand to the Cleansing Path sept at that point. His character sheet is here. Alpha of the Hope Springs Pack.



Uktena Metis Theurge. Ritualist. Kijika was part of the group (Played by Brian) First appeared at the end of Story 2, continued on through 3 and became an NPC in 4. Has since rejoined his pack at Cleansing Path. His Character sheet is here. Member of the Hope Springs Pack.


Maria Castaneda

Glass Walker Kinfolk. Maria was an NPC part of the group from Story 1, Chapter I to Story 3, Chapter III. She and her brother's pack departed on a diplomatic errand to the Cleansing Path sept at that point. Her character sheet is here. Member of the Hope Springs Pack.


Jared Sanchez

Cliath Uktena Galliard, 15 years old. He is the son of John Burning-Mountain and White Feather. When his late stepfather formally adopted him, Jared took his last name. Fared spent the earlier portion of the chronicle at the caern getting to know his birth father and preparing for his rite of Passage since the two only met a few times prior to Jared's Change. He completed his Rite of Passage and joined the Wyvern Rampant pack with Marcus, Zoe and a young Wendigo Philodox named Gina midway through Story 3.



The Cleansing Path Sept


Kenny Purewater Fitzroy

 Fianna Philodox, Elder and leader of the Sept of the Cleansing Path. Kenny used to be a sort of mentor to Steve, and is the only member of Cleansing Path for which the Sept of the Boiling Earth has any respect or good feelings towards. Kenny was also the only Garou NPC whose name was ever used during the Overwatch chronicle (though only his first name - the rest is Hal's invention).


The Glittering Dreams Sept



Glass Walker Ahroun. This big urban cowboy is originally from the now fallen Razor Alley sept in New Bremen Georgia, but escaped that Sept's fall and came west. He was the one that delivered the recording of Steve's voicemail to Zoe.





Shadow Lord Philodox and Judge of Doom. Aliester was very briefly part of the group (Played by Matt S.), and his character sheet is here.



So far, few NPC mages have shown up in the Awakening chronicle. Many of the Mages that existed in the Overwatch Chronicle are presently either dead or missing.


The Overwatch Chantry

Most of the nameless staff at Overwatch were killed, and it is probable that most of the named Chantry members were killed as well, but a fair number of them are still unaccounted for.

Confirmed Dead

    • Dr. Strago Strange (Son of Ether Dissident and Chantry armorer. Strago held the entryway to the command center, operating a heavily armed powered battle harness and the attackers suffered heavy casualties trying to get past his withering firepower, but in the end it was not enough.)
    • Lina (Hollow One. Lina died in the early moments of the battle, cut down by a Stoneman)
    • Ethan (Virtual Adept. Ethan was killed by shattering glass in Los Angeles.)
    • Nathan Shallcross (Order of Hermes)


    • Devin Knight (Virtual Adept and Chantry leader. Devin vanished in an explosion in the command center while fighting the HBG)
    • Christi Knight (Verbena and Devin's sister)
    • Jonathan Roberts (Order of Hermes, House Flambeau. Too aggressive and keen on Vulgar battle magics to live, too tough to die. The general assumption is that somehow, some way, Jonathan has to have made it out alive, but just where he has gone is anybody's guess.)
    • Ayami Shu (Verbena and PC in the Overwatch chronicle)
    • Harry Higgens (Dreamspeaker and PC in the Overwatch Chronicle)
    • Takara Aoyama (Akashic Brotherhood member and PC in the Overwatch Chronicle)


Mages of Lassen

These are those Mages that the troupe has encountered in the communities around Lassen Volcanic National Park.


White Feather AKA Grace Sanchez

Dreamspeaker Mage and Uktena Kinfolk, daughter of The Bird Mother (her Totem), resident at Susanville Rancheria. Grace has deep but strained ties with the Sept of the Boiling Earth, and especially with John Burning-Mountain, with whom she has a son named Jared. She has one Dreamspeaker student, who plays drums in a local rock band. White Feather is a member of the Maidu tribe at the local reservation. She and Joyce (see below) have a history of bad blood. More recently, she has reconnected with her former mate John Burning-Mountain and with his sept.


Solomon Wright bani Bonisagus

Hermetic Mage (House Bonisagus), resident in at a large Sanctum in Canyondam, at the southern shore of Lake Almanor, with his homunculus. Solomon was a longtime resident of Horizon, and he came to the Lassen area to study in isolation after the fall of that Realm, retreating from the mi'as of Hermetic politics. Solomon rescued the trio of Mage PCs from Fomori in Story 2, chapter 1, and executed Jimmy after the Nephandus was captured.


Joyce McIntyre

Dream Avatar Verbena Mage and coven leader. Aunt and mentor to Rowena and mother to Bill. Joyce's ancestors and those of her late husband Ian have been Verbena since before the foundation of the Council of Nine, and she takes this heritage very seriously indeed. Joyce and Solomon actively dislike one another, and she has bad blood with White Feather. Her bad blood with the Garou is even more vitriolic, but Rowena seems to be making inroads there. As Ro's aunt, Joyce became a much more significant character throughout Story 3.


Bill McIntyre

Dream Avatar Verbena Mage. Son to Joyce and cousin to Rowena. Bill is a very promising young mage who has demonstrated considerable power already, though he's shown little interest so far in much beyond manipulating the weather and keeping conditions in the family's apple orchard ideal. Bill took part in the Battle of Cinder Cone during Story 2, and formed a strong friendship with Marco during that experience. Later, Ro helped him form a friendship with the members of the Warpath as well despite his misgivings about Garou.


Marco Cruz

Dream Avatar Dreamspeaker Mage. Student to White Feather and rock drummer. A Northern Paiute, Marco is resident at Susanville Rancheria. White Feather lets him use her garage for a practice space. Marco persuaded White Feather and Bil McIntyre to intervene in the Battle of Cinder Cone, and befriended Bill at that time.


Helen Tyndale

Dream Avatar Verbena Mage. Helen hasn't lived in the area very long and she doesn't mesh very well with Joyce since she's a crystal-waving neopagan rather than a hardcore scion of the Wyck, but she does gather with the rest of the coven and tries to get along with them. She had the great misfortune of getting jumped, dragged off and badly brutalized by a trio of Fomori in the beginning of Story 2. Her healing and then slow emotional recovery from this experience were then an undercurrent through the end of Story 3.




Owl Spirit

Several different characters have seen or encountered the same powerful Owl spirit, which is presumably either a strong Owl Jaggling or a Totem Avatar. Back during the Overwatch Chronicle, Steve, Linda and Odysseus saw this spirit from a distance when they were hunting Pain-spirits in the Penumbral desert. A few days later, it attacked Linda when she was alone in the Umbra, but she was able to make a pact with it when she managed to survive. Much more recently, Owl appeared to Zoe and gave her the vision that sent her to The Caern of the Boiling Earth. Now that Linda is a Dreamspeaker, her totem is Owl. Surprising? I suspect not...




Lars Eriksen

 Corax paparazzo. Lars is a drop-in player character that is free to come and go when and if his player is available (as Corax are wont to do), but he has not appeared since The Boiling Earth, chapter II so he is not included on the main cast page. His character sheet is here.







"Jimmy" is a Nephandus, presumably of the Malfean faction since he uses many praxes derived from the Pretanic Order in his magic. Jimmy appeared in Boiling Earth II-III, where he appeared to be a simple hiker being pursued by materialized Scrags, but the Banes were actually under his control. He was the one who summoned the Grey Masses and sent the Kidnappers. His name is revealed in this scene. Jimmy was present under Cinder Cone in story 2-4, and managed to take Amrita out with a pattern rip before a combined assault from Linda, Ashton and Odysseus descended upon him. Odysseus was the one who fired the final shot that triggered a massive Paradox Backlash in the Wonder that was protecting him. Following that, he was handed over to Solomon, who used the Avatar Storm to gilgul and execute him.


Fallen Garou



"Bolc" is a metis albino Black Spiral Dancer Theurge. He is skilled at commanding Banes, and appeared very briefly during Boiling Earth III, but no player characters saw him until Story 2-4. This scene reveals his name and the fact that he collaborated with Jimmy in commanding and summoning the Banes on Prospect Peak. In speaking on the phone with his employer, he referred to Jimmy as a "contractor". He was part of the First Team under Cinder Cone, and he had the misfortune of surviving when Linda gunned him down with silver bullets. The Uktena then interrogated the wounded Black Spiral Dancer and put him to death.



 "Loonybin" is the nickname that this exceedingly deranged Black Spiral Dancer Philodox (also a Metis) had picked up from the First Team that he was a member of. Wielding a severed arm that had been made into a fearsome war fetish, he attempted to kill Linda for striking him with Balor's Gaze, ordering Bolc to give Amrita the same treatment. He got in one good hit on her before she shot him to death in a hail of silver bullets. His head now decorates the shrine to Tehama in the bawn of the Boiling Earth Caern.


"Black Diamond"

"Black Diamond" is the nickname that Steve has given to the Black Spiral Dancer that was his arch-enemy. He is theorized to be an Ahroun and a former member of one of the Tribes of Gaia rather than a lifelong Spiral. He has led bands of mercenaries that were in the employ of Endron International when they attacked Cleansing Path and the Overwatch Chantry. At the same time, he appears to have had an alliance with Nephandi that fell apart due to a conflict over what should be done with Steve, whom the Nephandi had captured. More recently, informants working with The Sept of the Boiling Earth witnessed him in the company of Miles Cortin, an official at a nonprofit organization called HSL. Black Diamond has not made an actual appearance in the Awakening Chronicle yet.


Significant Fomori


Miles Cortin

Director of Operations at HSL, a nonprofit organization that is involved in geological research and a resident of Southern California who occasionally comes up to the Lassen area on business. He has been seen in the presence of Black Diamond at some point in the past. He appears at a hotel in Redding during the second half of this post. It has also been revealed that he has deep ties to Endron International and is in fact a Fomor.


Wyrm Mooks


Blight Children

Blight Children are the corrupted and Wyrm-tainted counterparts of the Glade Children. Where Glade Children are gentle, nurturing tree-spirits the Blight Children are full of malicious Rage and spite, spreading corruption wherever they go. The pack fought two of them at the Blight on Prospect Peak.



Spirits of rage and frenzied violence, Scrags are one of the more common races of warrior-Banes that the Wyrm can marshal against the forces of Gaia. Their bloodthirsty madness is infectious, spreading to those Garou that oppose them. Scrags can Materialize, but only by possessing the bodies of mortal hosts to transform them into the Bane's material form. The troupe fought four Materialized Scrags on Prospect Peak, killing their mortal hosts. Afterwards, two more Scrags umbrally defended the H'rugglings that were attempting to possess Ashton and Odysseus.



Wyrmish Earth Elementals, The servants of H'rugg the Lord of Sludge are among the most revolting Banes known in terms of their personal presence. They most commonly appear as mobile heaps of refuse, raw sewage and other foulness, lashing out at their enemies with streams of offal and tentacles of waste. Two of these Banes attacked the troupe on Prospect Peak, attempting to Possess Ashton and Odysseus, and then nearly killing Steve and Marcus when the two Garou took the fight to them in the Umbra.


The Grey Men

Fomori created when numerous tiny fungal Banes known as Grey Masses infest a person or animal. Though they are not particularly intelligent or powerful fighters, their merest touch can spread the dreadful fungal growth that is consuming their bodies, as can that of their blood or other bodily fluids. Upon death, they burst into a cloud of fungal spores, releasing the many Banes that have been multiplying inside of them back into the Umbra. An infestation of these fomori is dangerous in the extreme and very difficult to contain despite their personal weakness. An elk possessed by these same banes seriously wounded Guillermo before the group as a whole encountered any others of them. The Grey Men appeared in Boiling Earth chapter III: the Scouring of Prospect Peak.


The Grey Masses

Miniscule and individually very weak fungal Banes that, nevertheless, are among the more insidious spiritual invaders that anyone could have to deal with. An outbreak of Grey Masses is one of the exceedingly few things that has on occasion even prompted Gaian Garou and Black Spiral Dancers to fight side by side. Devilishly hard to put down, an outburst of Grey Masses prompted the characters and the Sept of the Boiling Earth to go so far as to employ forest fire as a means of containment during The Scouring of Prospect Peak.


The Kidnappers

 These are the fomori that (presumably at the behest of a Nephandus) kidnapped and brutalized Helen Tyndale, nearly did the same to Rowena and came within a hair's breadth of killing both Ashton and Ody. Solomon exorcised the Banes within these vicious thugs, killing them. One of them was still alive when Linda and Amrita arrived on the Scene, and Linda engaged him in combat before Solomon finished him off. They had another fomor companion of a more cerebral and spiritual sort with them as well, but Linda killed him off camera so we won't make him an avatar. 


Endron EEPS

  This is the mixed team of scientists, gunmen and laborers that Endron International dispatched to form the HSL contingent of the research project out at Cinder Cone and the Fantastic Lava Beds. Their "security personnel" (read: soldiers) are heavily armed and equipped with body armor as well as silver ammunition for fighting Garou, and have been given a drug treatment that renders them temporarily immune to the Delirium. up until Story 2-4, all of them the group encountered had been regular humans.


EEPS Scientist

 This guy was a geologist and infernalist that was part of the Endron Special EEPS. When Lidna crippled him with Balor's Gaze, he decided that things had gotten too hot for him but Ashton's Prime bolt took him out before he could escape.


Endron First Team

   This was a bona fide First Team sent along with Bolc and Loonybin to make sure that the job under Cinder Cone got done. This was a mixed team of humans and fomori, with the two BSDs there to provide heavier support. Amrita shot the team leader in the face with a shotgun. The rest of them got taken out in various ways by the rest of the group. One of the fomor team members shot Steve to death with silver bullets, but then Linda pinned him to the ground and killed him by slowly driving her thumbs through his eye sockets.


Jimmy's Fomori

   These are the fomori that Jimmy had along with him underneath Cinder cone (Story 2-4): the big chitinous bruiser (Da Jugganaut!) that repeatedly punched Guillermo upside the head until Alexis killed him from behind and the "bitey guys" - a trio of monstrous fomori with large fanged maws. One even had them both in their face and in his stomach, and was endowed with long lashing tongues and cuttlefish-like eyes as well. The weaker two of these tried to blindside the group but got Guillermo's frag grenade for their troubles, and the same Garou blew off the third one's head with his shotgun as well.

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