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The Eye of the Storm

The Eye of the Storm is the collective of the play group, which consists of a Mage cabal and Garou from multiple separate formal packs. This page details the members of the current Garou and Kinfolk contingent, which is in process of being formed again as part of the larger Eye of the Storm group. In Story 8, a whole new pack, St. Elmo's Fire, is in process of joining the group.


ST. Elmo's Fire

St. Elmo's Fire is the name the new pack that's in process of forming has chosen for itself. Its members are:


Candace Iron Rain Zika - Homid Glass Walker Philodox, environmental attorney and monkeywrencher


Gabriel Dreams-of-Harmony - Homid Uktena Ragabash, anthropologist.


Other Garou:

At the moment the following Garou is part of the Eye, but formally a member of a different pack:

Joseph Chases-the-Dream - Uktena Galliard (Adren) (officially a Member of the Warpath, son of The People, currently temporarily serving with the Eye of the Storm)

The Eye presently has the Hang Fire pack under their supervision.

The Night Sky Pack, is a close ally to the Eye and its members often accompany them.



The Kin:

The Eye also is accompanied by three affiliated Kinfolk - while they are technically not pack members by the standards of the Garou, they are closely associated with it to the point that Joseph now echoes the ideas of the Dies Ultimae that Kin should be treated as full packmates, and he is not shy about thee idea of employing the Bonding Rite to realize the point. 




Linda "Eel" Lee - Dreamspeaker/Virtual Adept mage, Uktena Kinfolk, mate and fiance to Joseph.



Former Members

Cailan - Metis Wendigo Ahroun - tomahawk-throwing hunter. Introduced in Story 8, killed in action against the Technocracy.

Sean Malley - Fianna Philodox. Came to LA and helped form the Eye, has since joined the Glittering Dreams sept.

Kijika - Metis Uktena Theurge. Came to LA and was with the Eye for a time, but then his formal pack needed him back.

Amrita Singh - Kami, adopted Uktena Kinfolk and would-be unifier. Apparently killed in the end of Story 8.

Jeremy Reuter - Fianna Kinfolk, Orphan Mage, and photojournalist. Retired as a player in Story 9-2, but is still in background support.


The Hope Springs Pack - the Chronicle's earlier pack, all of whose members have become NPCs. Last known to be in Oregon, protecting the Cleansing Path Sept.


Pack Name

The play group for this game is known to the Garou Nation as the Eye of the Storm, but this is a coalition of multiple entities, part of which is a Garou pack.


Pack Purpose

The stated purpose of the Eye of the Storm is to travel about contacting the Garou nation and other potential supernatural allies building bridges and understanding in order to overcome unnecessary internal conflicts and present a united front in the war against the Wyrm. Also, as part of this mission, they seek to escort, protect, and teach the Kami Amrita, who has been given a mission of unity and healing. 



The Eye has no overarching Totem. Members of this coalition follow multiple Totem spirits: the Unifier and Owl.


The Garou pack is planning to follow the Unifier.


The Unifier

Totem of Respect

Background Cost: 5

The Unifier is a spirit of honorable cooperation and alliance, of finding common cause to achieve victory in battle, and building brotherhood where there had been enmity. Just which great Totem Brood (if any) it is a member of remains unclear; some Theurges insist that he is Falcon’s own, while others point out his clear ties with Unicorn. This was a popular Totem many centuries past, but as the Silver Fangs and their Concordiat warred needlessly against their fellow Garou and fell into decline, so too did the Unifier’s prestige and influence among the Garou. The continued ascendancy of The Patriarch, Tammany Hall, and The Man, the rise of Manifest Destiny and America the Beautiful (which later became Murica) and other spirits of nationalistic, exclusionary identity further diluted its influence in the world until it had nearly been forgotten. As the dying times have worn on, however, idealistic people that dream of pushing back against divisions to overcome common challenges have gradually given it new vigor, as have developments like the EU, NATO and the Ahadi. Now, some young Garou that hope to heal the deep rifts between the tribes, or even between the Garou and the Fera to band together before the Apocalypse, increasingly clamor that the time to call upon the Unifier is now. 

Avatars of this Totem seldom hold to one consistent form, and may appear to their packs in many different guises of warriors and generals of any era or place that are both gracious and honorable. They may reference or even mirror leaders from history, folklore and popular culture known for might married with diplomacy, for turning rival or enemy into friend. Hiawatha, Arthur Pendragon, Robin Hood, Charlemagne, Alexander, Genghis Khan, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, George Washington, Menes, Gilgamesh, Jean-Luc Picard, Aragorn, Aslan, Joan of Arc, Obiwan Kenobi, Son Goku, or even Twilight Sparkle might all be faces for the Unifier at one time or another. 

Individual Traits: Each member of a pack devoted to the Unifier gains one point each of Honor and Glory Renown.

Pack Traits: The Unifier grants its packs -2 difficulty on all Social rolls to do with negotiation, truces and alliances. It also grants +1 Melee and +1 Leadership. Also, when going into danger, the pack can have a member roll Charisma + Leadership and for each success, can designate one being as a Pack Ally until the next day. Pack Allies are treated as full albeit temporary members of the pack for purposes of Gifts, pack initiative, and in every other way other than benefits specific to a Totem bond. For example, Pack Allies do not gain the Unifier’s other Individual or Pack Traits, nor can packs that have bought the totem intra-pack communication link share this with Pack Allies. Virtually any being that is not an enemy to Gaia can be a Pack Ally, including friendly Garou packs, Kinfolk, Fera, other supernatural creatures that are not of the Wyrm, or even sympathetic humans (though the Totem grants no protection from the Delirium). Allied shapeshifters still retain their own pre-existing Totem and pack bonds, if any, when they are designated as Pack Allies. 

Ban: The pack must make some effort to arrange a nonviolent outcome to any conflict that is not against the forces of the Wyrm. When negotiating to avoid or resolve a conflict, the pack must not violate a truce, and must deal in good faith.



Totemic Accounting:

Total pack totem: Gabriel 4, Rain 8, Anna 3, Joseph 6 = 21

Totem Cost: 5

(More purchases): 4 point (Mystical communication/pack speech), 3 (+1 character to use Totem benefits), 2, (Totem is nearly always with the pack members.)= 12 + 7 in stats


((Recommended picks by Hal))




Remaining Pts: 0

Additional Totem Abilities can be found on Page 140 of the W20 Main Book if you would like to look over/consider others.


Totem Stats: (29 Total)

9 Rage, 10 Willpower, 10 Gnosis 

Essence: 29.


Totem Charms:

Airt Sense, Re-form


Pack tactics:

The pack can have 3 max combat pack tactics at this time since that is the pack's lowest Gnosis score. None picked yet. They could use any social pack tactics, though Bad Cop, Worse Cop or Circling are probably the most likely.


Additional Info:

Put whatever else needs to go here about the totem?  Perhaps the intro scene/pack binding history - how it became linked to us?

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